Confidence is key. Think.
  • coldwindandiron:

    Well I came home, and like a stone, I fell heavy into your arms.

    Love the Mumford and Sons line with this

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  • sunflower-mama:


    stump cemetery. Filson Mackinaw Jacket from Up Knorth

    This hurts me physically. I feel a pit in my stomach. An ache, an empty hollowness. I have such an empathy for tree souls that this actually fucking hurts to look at wow

    I’d love to use this space to regrow something beautiful.. It would outlast me but would bring happiness to the people after me

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  • rosegritleigh:


    I have pictures like this from Alaska

    I feel like this right now.

    I know the feeling you speak of…

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  • Lil nippy for that today. See yuh in the spring time

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  • Had this beauty out and about today. Fall foliage can stay forever.

  • benchandcompass:

    rain on the river.

    And just like the river I’ve been a-runnin’ ever since…

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